A..R. Winery  



  A.R. Winery, LLC

"Come Taste Our Unique Wines!"  

Russell & Angie,

Owners of

A.R. Winery, LLC


They are excited to share their wines with you!  They both were raised in Darke County and are thrilled to be opening a winery on the farm.  Russell & Angie met at a dog festival in Greenville 5 years ago.  Angie was in charge of the festival & Russell demo'd his flyball & disc dogs during the event!  Three years later...  They are married & share a dog named, FUEL.  They thought it was perfect that their wine label was a picture of Fuel.  He's a two year old Border Collie full of energy and an amazing flyball dog!


Russell has been home brewing wines for years & has decided to share his wines with the community! 


Angie enjoys wine tasting & can't wait to open her doors to you!  Come taste the rich & savory wines her husband is so proud of!  This summer, join them on their farm to sip on their one-of-a-kind wines while soaking up the quiet country life.