A. R. WINERY, LLC is licensed as a wine manufacturer, wine distributor, and a retailer of wine! Our fruit wines are made 100% from the fruit listed on the label.


  • Forbidden Apple
  • Lock, Stock & Berries
  • OMB Strawberry
  • Bluesberry
  • She Said Yes
  • El Loco Lime
  • El Nino Tropical
  • Caught Red Handed
  • County Fair Caramel Apple
  • Cray Cray Cranberry  "Seasonal"
  • Back in Blanc (Dry White)
  • "I'm Jammin" Concord
  • What the Foch (Dry Red)
  • Black-Eyed Berry (Blackberry)
  • Ol' Dusty Barrel (Sweet Concord Grape Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 9 Months)
  • All Foched Up (Dry Red Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels for One Year)
  • Pine in My Apphole (Pineapple) "Seasonal"
  • Ship Faced Orange "Seasonal"
  • Speakeasy (Dry Concord Grape Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 9 Months)
  • Ives Gotta Have It (Sweet Ives Grape)


"3 Time Silver Award Winning Wine!"

*Silver Medal @ 2015 Ohio Wine Competition at Kent State University

*Silver Medal @ 2015 Indy International Wine Competition

*Silver Medal @ 2016 Finger Lakes Int'l Wine Competition


"Should I or Shouldn't I? That's what you'll ask yourself as you take your first sip of this heavenly mixture of apples. The taste of sweet cider turned wine will tempt your every taste bud! $9.99/BOTTLE

*Gold Medal & Best in Class @ 2015 Indy Int'l Wine Competition.

*Bronze Medal @ 2016 Finger Lakes Int'l Wine Competition.

*Special thanks to Downing Fruit Farm for your award winning cider!


We LOCKED in the savory rich taste, STOCKED our shelves, and are proud to announce our first ever delicious mix of triple BERRIES! This sweet combo of red raspberries, blueberries & blackberries are infused into one BERRY amazing bottle!


"OMB" - OH MY BERRY "Strawberry"

Indulge in the rich, savory flavors of sweet strawberries! The delicious taste will leave your mouth saying OMB "Oh My Berry!"



This rich, sweet blueberry wine has a smooth, bold & jazzy flavor!

Pair this wine with your favorite tasty chocolates and boogie the night away.